Escape boredom.

Escape routine.

Escape the mundane.

Escape rooms are thrilling alternatives to hitting the pub or dining out.

Our hyperrealistic, technology-driven escape rooms combine authentic themes, gripping backstories and challenging puzzles for environments where you and your friends can have fun collaborating and finding solutions.

Who all can enjoy
Mystery Junkies?
Just about anyone - regardless of whether you’re a young adult looking for a burst of excitement or a corporate team in search for the perfect bonding experience. Also great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Dates, Bachelor/ette parties.
Why are escape rooms
so awesome?
In one word, immersion. Well designed escape rooms like ours, are portals into other worlds. Then there's the adventure of problem solving. Trust us, your friends, colleagues or family are going to love every moment.
How many people can
experience a room?
The sweet spot for any themed escape room is 4-6 people – the ideal number for thinking and solving puzzles together. However we’ve had couples, trios, and groups of 8 having a great time at our well-designed room escapes.
How long does
the fun last?
Our themed mysteries are timed to 60 minutes per room, allowing for a full hour of adrenaline and excitement. Factor in an additional five to ten minutes for a photo session though!
The mystical bells of Hampi might just have been found again, but then the Chief Archaeologist is murdered and the treasure goes missing.
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Get into the secret vault of the kidnapped music aficionado, find the ransom demand and get out before time runs out.
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A cold war era bunker. A nuclear launch sequence has been triggered. The countdown has begun. Find the switch. Escape the Room
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Wade through medieval time puzzles and artefacts in search of Dragon Glass, the ultimate weapon against the forces of evil.
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New BEL Road
People in your town are disappearing. Strangely, all connected to a haunted abandoned house in the neighbourhood.
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Find evidence of imminent terror attacks in the city. You have just an hour.
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The international space station has been hit by some debris. Your team heads out to take the escape pod.
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A moving train has been planted with a bomb on a timer by a maniacal crypto freak. Can you solve his puzzle before time runs out?
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You've finally received the letter to Magicdom, the University of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But then you must locate your wand to be accepted.
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The greatest strategy room of mankind has been discovered. It hold untold secrets and tremendous knowledge.
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Haunted houses have strange beginnings. This one starts with the typewriter of a famous mystery author.
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Terrorists have locked out the ATC tower and turned off all runways. While the local Negotiators and SWAT teams prepare to take on the terrorists,
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You?ve been captured by pirates and locked in their stronghold. Captain Mandalay?s beady eyed skeleton watches over you.
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You?re in the year 2472, where humans face extinction. The only hope for mankind is to access earth?s last surviving time machine
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Who is it for?
If you're looking for the buzz of accomplishment and have over an hour to kill with friends, Mystery Junkies is for you.
* For any group of 2-8 people. No other ongoing discount can be clubbed . An adult must accompany children below 10years.
₹ 695/head Book now
Students have it good. Prove you're a student and you get a ₹100 discount right away.
* Valid student ID be presented * No other ongoing discount can be clubbed. Discount only applicable for the person with ID. An adult must accompany children below 10years.
₹ 595/head Book now
If you're looking to energise your people, create camaraderie, build teams or just help people break free of their cubicles.
* For a group size of 12 people and above. Valid for booking from Monday to Friday. Bookings have to be between 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
₹ 595/head Call Us
As simple as
1, 2, 3...

1. Choose a location

  • Select an amazing game
  • Book online/phone
  • Arrive 15 mins. prior

2. 60 mins. of immersion

  • Pre game briefing
  • Find hidden clues
  • Decipher clues to solve puzzles
  • Work as a team
  • When in doubt ask for a clue

3. Escape the room

  • Solve all puzzles to escape
  • Feel the rush of success
  • Decipher clues to solve puzzles
  • Feedback and photo session

Experience the most trending entertainment concept in the world.
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