Escape rooms are the latest craze and can be fun for a small group of people. These activities are perfect for birthday parties, office get-togethers, or for just a group of friends who want to do something fun. When searching for locked room game Koramangala Bangalore,

there is a perfect option. Read on to learn about escape rooms and who has the best in Bangalore.

About Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are relatively new and began in Japan. Participants are placed in a locked room and have to work together to solve riddles or puzzles to escape the room. Participants have only so much time to be able to solve the mystery of the room. Often, these rooms are themed.

Themed Rooms

One exciting room is The Nuclear Bunker room. This room is perfect for those with a love for apocalyptic fiction and working under pressure, or someone who just wants a good brain workout. The nuclear bunker room is based upon the premise that a nuclear launch is imminent and the bunker is due to self-destruct. Players must disarm the launch code and keep the room from being destroyed.

Another challenge is The Ruins of Hampi room. Hampi is a medieval-era city in west-central India that was once the center of the Hindu Vijayanagara Empire during the 14th-century. This room is based upon these ruins. The players are archaeologists that try to solve a mystery surrounding a set of missing mystical bells. The team of archaeologists must try and figure out the mystery before the sinister tomb raiders beat them to it. The puzzles to solve are a mix of modern and ancient, challenging even the savviest participant.

The Ransom room is one of the most challenging and unique escape rooms ever created. A kidnapper has made a chilling ransom demand, and your team must solve it before the hour is up. A vault that belongs to a famous person must be breached and an artifact retrieved. This enticing room is one that you and your friends will never forget.

The Best Around

Mystery Junkies is the best in the escape room business and has the most challenging puzzles in Bangalore. Other companies may have blank rooms with only posters for decoration, but this firm has incredibly detailed rooms including realistic props. They pride themselves on offering a full immersion into the puzzle. Their prices are reasonable, and they offer student and corporate discounts. Book an appointment today online.