Corporate team building escape room games in Bangalore help your teams to hone their skills in a fun, yet effective way. If you want to build better teams, lock them in a room together for an hour where they must depend on each other to find a way out. Team building

activities usually do not always get the desired results because of budgets, expectations, time spent and so on. However, corporate team building escape room games in Bangalore feels less like work and more like a good time with team members and yet it drives home those core team values that you want to get across.

Working Together

Team building is almost 100% collaboration. Not every team building exercise really gets that point across, but the escape room game does, and it does it in a great way!

Why it Works

Anyone who has ever been to an escape room can tell you that going it alone is not really an option. The puzzles can be difficult to figure out without having the right input from other team members. Additionally, this method works because:

  • It highlights what every member brings to the table, one may be good at figuring out anagrams, while another may be good at figuring out math problems
  • Working with a deadline transcends interpersonal issues
  • Singular focus on objective
  • Without respect and listening skills, clues can be missed
  • Getting out of the room greatly depends on everyone working together

This is a great opportunity to build your team up while doing something fun away from the workplace. It is a great stress reducer and will help team members to become quick friends. Mystery Junkies is the best place to book and more so as the team that created this place has had over 12 years of corporate team building experience. Take your team to the best escape room games in Bangalore and experience the difference.