You are on a mission, as a team. You along with your friends will be locked in an escape room for around 60 minutes. The goal will be very simple, that is, to escape. You will have to discover the room for clues and puzzles to be able to escape the room. You have to solve the riddles and puzzles to be able to escape the room before the clock runs out. This game is a purely strategic, with a sense of creativity and is for enthusiasts who want to have a little fun.

Secret Room Koramangala is a place for thrill seekers and adventure enthusiasts where the concept of “Escape Room” has been developed. These are challenging games where the race is against the clock and the only motive is to escape. The rush that one experiences when locked inside a room with a bunch of friends figuring how to escape results in teamwork, enhancement of problem-solving skills, results applying logic, and working together to pave your path out of the room in time.

The arrangements are made according to your needs, it depends on what storyline you choose and it feels like a real-life situation that you have to escape from. The storyline is immersive so that it feels like a real situation from which you have to escape. You are just not solving problems and riddles for the sake of it, but you are because you have to escape the room. If you fail to do that, a horrible destiny will await you, but it feels like a real victory when you and your team is successful in escaping the room before the time of the clock runs out.

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