The Ransom

The coolest among all escape games in Bangalore. A tricky ransom demand forces you to get into a one-way entry secret Vault belonging to a famous personality. Find what the kidnappers want but ensure you get out within the hour or it could be your tomb.

Live room escape games, Bangalore


Fully immersive among all live escape games in Bangalore. The Ransom tests your wits and problem solving abilities using the coolest puzzles and immersive tech. It will enthral you whether you turn up with Friends, family, team mates, fellow gamers or class mates.

The Mission

A kidnapper’s tricky ransom demand. You need to get into the secret vault of a celebrity, find the artefact and get out before time runs out. As live escape games in Bangalore go, there aren’t too many parallels with this one. Some of the craziest puzzles and fully themed secrets that will immerse you totally.

For Whom?

Team Outings
Hangout with Friends
Newcomers to Escape Games in Bangalore
Family Time with Teenagers
Mystery Enthusiasts


60 Minutes Experience
Arrive 15 minutes prior to booking time
Get briefed for your escape room mission
Enjoy the experience
Debrief and/or Walkthrough

BEL Road, Bangalore

2nd Floor, Sree Premprasad Complex, Opp Ramaiah Hospital, New BEL Road, Bengaluru, India

Koramangala, Bangalore

#12, 3rd Floor, Pragati Mansion
1st Cross, Koramangala 5th Block
Bangalore, India