The Ghostwriter

Haunted houses have strange beginnings. This one starts with the typewriter of a famous mystery author. As long as we only heard a few sounds, it was ok. But now people have disappeared and it’s time to put a stop to this. Do you have it in you to wade through a house of mysteries and shut down this haunting?

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Pirates Prison Heist

You’ve been captured by pirates and locked in their stronghold. Captain Mandalay’s beady eyed skeleton watches over you. No doubt, you’re trying to escape but wouldn’t it be great to take some of that famous cursed loot too?

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Terrorists have locked out the ATC tower and turned off all runways. While the local Negotiators and SWAT teams prepare to take on the terrorists, someone still has to turn the runways on. Luckily, there may be a back door entry, but it is a tricky one.

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The greatest strategy room of mankind has been discovered. It hold untold secrets and tremendous knowledge. But to uncover the secrets, you must first prove worthy of the knowledge and pass a test. You have 60 minutes to find 6 chakras and use it to stop the ancient self destructing mechanism.

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Time machine

You’re in the year 2472, where humans face extinction. The only hope for mankind is to access earth’s last surviving time machine and use it to change a pivotal piece of history that mig

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