ruins of hampi


The mystical bells of Hampi might just have been found again, but before the discovery is announced, the Chief Archaeologist is murdered. Your team of archaeologists is determined to retrace his steps and find the treasure before the raiders get to it. Just an hour if you’re lucky but you need to work past ancient puzzles and ciphers to achieve your goal.

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ransom 1


A kidnapper’s tricky ransom demand. You need to get into the secret vault of a kidnapped music aficionado, find the ransom demand (a unreleased CD worth over 2 million!) and get out before time runs out.. As live escape games in Bangalore go, there aren’t too many parallels with this one. Some of the craziest puzzles and fully themed secrets that will immerse you totally.

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NuclearBunkerSq v2


Halloween has been stolen. If you want to restore this day, you need to venture into the dark crypt and possibly through Hell’s doorway to retrieve what’s been stolen. Not for the faint hearted, but already a crowd favourite of all ages

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dragon glass 1


Dragon Glass is inspired by one of the greatest book (and television) series of our times. Wade through medieval time puzzles and artefacts in search of Dragon Glass, the ultimate weapon against the forces of evil rising against the Seven Kingdoms! Find not just any piece of Dragon Glass, but the original piece from which the dagger that pierced the heart of who became the Dead King!

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