Leadership, strategy, communication

Whatever the traits you're seeking to emphasis within your teams,
our escape rooms provide the right impetus for them to flourish

When we're just right level of aroused - which can happen from fear, stress, anxiety, fun, etc. - we perform better.

- Margee Kerr, Sociologist

At Mystery Junkies, we offer environments for team building in conjunction with training activities tailor-made for corporate teams.

Designed to push teams to their limit, our escape rooms reward collaboration and creative thinking, and compels people to think on their feet.

These live adventure rooms also give you the opportunity to observe and learn from your team’s performance. See transformation virtually over the span of an hour.

Benefits of opting for room escapes
for your next offsite adventure:
Increases Creativity


Enhances problem-solving skills

problem-solving skills

Motivates team members

team members

Strengthens communication


So, what can you expect when
you book with us?

Pre and post
debriefing session

Ideal for 4-6 members
per room

60 mins
per room

Flexible time slot
and group bookings

For our special Corporate Packages

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